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评论文章2019-iss2-art1:An upper bound for the second Neumann eigenvalue on Riemannian manifolds
评论文章2019-iss2-art2:The degree of biholomorphic mappings between special domains in C^n preserving 0
评论文章2019-iss2-art3:Hearts of twin cotorsion pairs on extriangulated categories
评论文章2019-iss2-art4:A Trudinger-Moser inequality for a conical metric in the unit ball
评论文章2019-iss2-art5:On the essential normality of principal submodules of the Drury-Arveson module
评论文章2019-iss2-art6:Asymptotic behavior of random Fitzhugh-Nagumo systems driven by colored noise
评论文章2019-iss2-art7:Laplace transforms and valuations
评论文章2019-iss2-art8:The answer to a problem posed by Zhao and Ho
评论文章2019-iss2-art9:Hurwitz-Radon's symplectic analogy and Hua's cyclic recurrence relation
评论文章2019-iss2-art10: Equivariantization and Serre duality I
评论文章2019-iss2-art11:Noncommutative symmetric Hardy spaces
评论文章2019-iss2-art12:Module structure on invariant Jacobians
评论文章2019-iss2-art13:Proof of Gessel's γ-positivity conjecture
评论文章2019-iss2-art14:Canonical left cells and the lowest two-sided cell in an affine Weyl group
评论文章2019-iss2-art15:Finite rank truncated Toeplitz operators via Hankel operators
评论文章2019-iss2-art16:W-entropy formulas on super Ricci flows and Langevin deformation on Wasserstein space over Riemannian manifolds
评论文章2019-iss2-art17:Some eigenvalue comparison theorems of Finsler p-Laplacian
评论文章2019-iss2-art18:Generalized Choi states and 2-distillability of quantum states
评论文章2019-iss2-art19:Nonlinear Liouville problems in a quarter plane
评论文章2019-iss2-art20:The hyperbolic quadratic eigenvalue problem
评论文章2019-iss2-art21:The transverse index theorem for proper cocompact actions of Lie groupoids
课题视角2019-iss2-art22:A simple introduction to free probability theory and its application to random matrices
评论文章2019-iss2-art23:Sharp L^p decay of oscillatory integral operators with certain homogeneous polynomial phases in several variables
评论文章2019-iss2-art24:Rigidity of holomorphic curves in a hyperquadric Q_4
评论文章2019-iss2-art25:n-Abelian quotient categories
评论文章2019-iss2-art26:Li-Yau gradient bounds on compact manifolds under nearly optimal curvature conditions
评论文章2019-iss2-art27:From simple-minded collections to silting objects via Koszul duality
评论文章2019-iss2-art28:Schur elements of degenerate cyclotomic Hecke algebras
评论文章2019-iss2-art29:Hankel continued fraction and its applications
评论文章2019-iss2-art30:Homological dimensions relative to preresolving subcategories
评论文章2019-iss2-art31:On p.p. structural matrix rings
评论文章2019-iss2-art32:Linear transformations preserving the strong q-log-convexity of polynomials
评论文章2019-iss2-art33:Holomorphic Campanato type spaces over Carleson tubes and Bergman metric balls
评论文章2019-iss2-art34:Whittaker-Shintani functions for general linear groups over p-adic fields
评论文章2019-iss2-art35:Gelfand-Kirillov dimension and reducibility of scalar generalized Verma modules
评论文章2019-iss2-art36:The crepant transformation conjecture for toric complete intersections
评论文章2019-iss2-art37:Super duality and irreducible characters of ortho-symplectic Lie superalgebras
评论文章2019-iss2-art38:Genus-one mirror symmetry in the Landau-Ginzburg model
评论文章2019-iss2-art39:A Casselman-Osborne theorem for rational Cherednik algebras
评论文章2019-iss2-art40:A variant of Horn's problem and the derivative principle
评论文章2019-iss2-art41:On involutions in symmetric groups and a conjecture of Lusztig