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Issue 1, 2019
编辑部2019-iss1-art0: 《数学研究及评论》卷首语
评论文章2019-iss1-art1: Brändén's Conjectures on the Boros-Moll Polynomials
评论文章2019-iss1-art2:On the maximum of the permanent of (I-A)
评论文章2019-iss1-art3:Proof of a monotonicity conjecture
评论文章2019-iss1-art4: Solution to a conjecture on the maximum ABC index of graphs with given chromatic number
评论文章2019-iss1-art5: New sine ellipsoids and related volume inequalities
评论文章2019-iss1-art6: Structure preserving parallel algorithms for solving the Bethe-Salpeter eigenvalue problem
评论文章2019-iss1-art7: Interpolation of noncommutative symmetric martingale spaces
评论文章2019-iss1-art8: Smooth solutions to the L_p dual Minkowski problem
评论文章2019-iss1-art9: Manin's conjecture for a class of singular cubic hypersurfaces
评论文章2019-iss1-art10:New congruences involving products of two binomial coefficients
评论文章2019-iss1-art11: The monotonicity and log-behaviour of some functions related to the Euler gamma function
评论文章2019-iss1-art12: Schur positivity and log-concavity related to longest increasing subsequences
评论文章2019-iss1-art13: Tits geometry and positive curvature
评论文章2019-iss1-art14: A proof of the strong no loop conjecture
评论文章2019-iss1-art15: Some improved inequalities related to Vizing's conjecture
评论文章2019-iss1-art16: Continuity and minimization of spectrum related with the periodic Camassa-Holm equation
评论文章2019-iss1-art17: A generalization of the doubling construction for sums of squares identities