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Issue 1, 2019
评论文章2019-iss2-art1:An upper bound for the second Neumann eigenvalue on Riemannian manifolds
评论文章2019-iss2-art2:The degree of biholomorphic mappings between special domains in C^n preserving 0
评论文章2019-iss2-art3: Hearts of twin cotorsion pairs on extriangulated categories
评论文章2019-iss2-art4:A Trudinger-Moser inequality for a conical metric in the unit ball
评论文章2019-iss2-art5:On the essential normality of principal submodules of the Drury-Arveson module
评论文章2019-iss2-art6: Asymptotic behavior of random Fitzhugh-Nagumo systems driven by colored noise
评论文章2019-iss2-art7: Laplace transforms and valuations
评论文章2019-iss2-art8: The answer to a problem posed by Zhao and Ho
评论文章2019-iss2-art9: Hurwitz-Radon's symplectic analogy and Hua's cyclic recurrence relation